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Teaching work: Learn how to fire naked raku and more! @Higher Fire, San Jose

I will be teaching a naked raku class as part of the up coming "Alternative Firings Sampler" at High Fire in San Jose. Visit their site for more information

Wednesdays, 7pm-10pm, Sep 9 – Oct 14 For students with 3-6 months pottery wheel experience… Enjoy a parade of fantastic instructors including Paul Rubio, Matt Hoogland, Anthony Rollins, Nic Payne, Shawn Felts, and Jacob Miller — taking you on a tour of alternative firings! Participants explore traditional raku, horsehair raku, saggar firings, and naked raku. The first two weeks of class are devoted to throwing, trimming, and terra sigillata. For weeks 3-6, instructors demonstrate their signature forms and firing techniques. While kilns are firing, learn how to make better cylinders and practice shaping skills, or use larger amounts of clay. Higher Fire offers a variety of cone 10 clay bodies, 30 gorgeous reduction glazes, and consistent firings in our 40 cu ft Bailey Gas Kiln. Classroom includes dedicated hand-building area, electric wheels, slab-roller, extruder, texture library, and more. Includes practice hours (by appointment) during open studio time; clay sold separately.

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